Horned Demon

This look was created at ‘The Prosthetics Event’ as a body art demo. Look was created using a range of grease paints for the base. On skin silicone was used to attach the horns and create wounds for the glass shards to sit in. The burn on the chest was created using liquid latex.

Freddie vs Jason

A look mixing the two famous horror characters of Jason Vorhees (Friday the 13th) and Freddie Krueger (Nightmare on Elm Street). This look was created just using basic beauty makeup (eyeshadow, liners etc).

Silicone Wounds

On skin silicone wounds moulded by me, then coloured to skin tone and filled with different textured bloods. More details on each wound are listed under their own photos.

Slit Throat Prosthetic

Slit throat/stab wound prosthetic. This wound was created using on skin mouldable silicone. I coloured the silicone to match the models skin colour with alcohol activated paints then filled the wound with a mixture of wound filler and scab blood, then ran runny bloods and dried blood over the top of these.

Revenant Style Wound

This wound was created inspired by the bear attack in the film The Revenant. I created this wound using on skin mouldable silicone. I created texture inside the wound using the same silicone. Then finished with a collection of different bloods, dried blood being the main texture used as this wound would have bled a … More Revenant Style Wound