Demon Horror Shoot

A demon themed horror shoot. The skin was made paler using a mixture of white grease paint and white powder. A range of bloods were used here for different textures as well as eye-safe blood for a really shocking effect. Dried blood was laid down as a base for running blood to go over.

Skull Face Makeup

Full skull face makeup done for a festival. The look was created using a basic mix of black eyeshadow and eyeliner. Highlighting with white concealer and white eyeshadow. This look was based off the ‘Misfits’ skull logo,

Knife Wound – Temple

This wound was created using an on skin silicone. The knife was propped up from behind and shot in such a way that it wouldn’t be seen (due to the knife being so heavy and not a prop knife) Different bloods including eye safe blood were used to run down the artists face.

3 Stages of a Wound

These 3 effects were all created using mould-able on skin silicone. The wound was based of a clean cut with a knife or similar. From immediately after the cut was made, to being stitched up, to having stitches out and a healing scar.

Leg Wound

A leg stab wound created using on skin silicone. The inspiration for this makeup was from on explosion or debris from an explosion and landing in the artists leg. Makeup was done for just after impact, so minimal redness/bruising around the wound, but lots of fresh blood.