Bullet Exit Wound

A gelatin exit wound applied and coloured by me. Clotted and thick blood was applied to the centre to give the effect of a deep hole in the arm. The vein was drawn on over the prosthetic to help mould into the skin.

Gelatin Prosthetic

A gelatin wound, possible infection or bite wound. This wound had many textures and holes in which I kept visible to add to the already gory effect. A collection of bloods were used to create different textures within the wound.

Zombie Prosthetic Makeup

Prosthetic piece was created using Probondo (a self adhesive material). I coloured the piece using alcohol activated paints and used grease paint to create the pale skin tone and darkness around the eyes. A light amount of dried blood was used around the mouth to give the impression of old blood.

Blood Rig

Mechanical blood rig created using silicone.

All muscle and fatty tissue was made and coloured by me using a mixture of silicone pigments and flocking. A rubber tube is incased behind the piece to allow blood to be pumped through. … More Blood Rig